mercoledì 4 gennaio 2012

Iwan Van 'T Spijker

Can you describe your work?
The physical, the intuitive and the direct is very important in my work. 
This is likewise working method and subject. I use no plans
For me, rational argumentation is very difficult to apply
I do not mean rejection of knowledgebut to be free from the limits of that knowledge. 
My main impulse is the initial excitement of being, a nervous energy.
The work consistsmostly of quick watercolors and some more elaborate paintings and installations.

What are you working on?
That’s a secret (also to me) I can only say that it’s a painting.

What inspires you?

What you hope to evoke from your viewers?
A smile.

How your work has grown and changed?
I think the biggest change is still coming, because I’ve quit drinking!

Do you experiment with different materials a lot or do you prefer to work within certain parameters?
I guess both.

Can you tell me something about your residence in Rijsakademie?
It was an exiting experience, both fun and difficult.
For me mostly it was hard to work because I always felt the pressure of having to perform.
The first year I produced nothing the second year I made 3 paintings..

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Happy new year!

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