giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

Fabian Luyten

Can you describe your work? 
Its about scale, love to create meeting points (partially functional conctructions) in public space, indoors/ outdoors, the artpieces are architectural in the broadest sense of the word (physical, social, mental), how does the surface work in these constructions, 
how is colour related to it, how does it affect the viewer. 
(For further info: there is an english version of a text available on my website: 'the multi-perpectives constructions of Fabian Luyten'. 

What are you working on ? 
A public sculpture near by a large new building for 70 demented patients. 
The building is a new nursing home.

What inspires you? 
Daily life (city, village), mental and social conditions of people, inter-human fabrics of a community (that also architecture to me).

What you hope to evoke from your viewers? 
To underline and question the mental and physical presence of the viewer through their body scale and daily living conditions.

How your work has grown and changed?
More and more working in real life public spaces.

Do you experiment with different materials a lot or do you prefer to work within 
certain parameters? 
Each design of a sculpture needs to be durable as long as possible in outdoor conditions, therefore i need to examine different materials related to what i want to achieve artisticly, like plexi, stainless steel, paint, concrete, glass, wood, electric lightning in the sculputeres if needed and so on. These practical decisions are incorporated as much as possible during design process.

Can you tell me something about your residence in Rijksakademie? 
Very intense and very international, fantastic to meet big artists in your own studio with your own work, great technical working conditions.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thank you for your interest in my work and keep it genuine! 

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