sabato 25 agosto 2012

Linda Sugden

Can you describe your work? 
With colour I create a rich tapestry on linen with the aim to materialise the feelings we experience from within ourselves and through each other.

What are you working on ? 
I am working on images that are familiar to me and hold within them the memory of a physical presence. From there I will let it grow and incorporate other stages and moments in our lives.

What inspires you? 
I wonder at the power of an image to evoke an emotion. There is this other reality, hidden from the eye, where we really live sharing warmth, cold, anxiety, selfishly or not. We are like ships at sea, sometimes within the safety of a harbour and sometimes out in bad weather. What fascinates me is that no matter how much we rely on the visual world, what goes on inside us, our emotional reality, sets the course. 

What you hope to evoke from your viewers? 
Recognition, memories, perhaps even a new experience. I want to be able to portray emotion to such an extent, that you can feel it just by looking at the image.

How your work has grown and changed? 
My work has always drawn its strength from life and as I started to realize how much of it we live through each other, I began to search for a way to visualize this. My focus has changed from landscape, a lot of space, to the sculptured form and the landscape within us. Once, when I was looking at a picture of Da Vinci’s last supper it struck me that he had painted the bread and plates on the table in such a way that you could feel the space surrounding the objects. Why not do the same with figures, so that you can feel the emotion as it radiates out of us or is locked into the body language?  I decided to use colour to sculpt form and because it is a painting I can use the space around the form as well. In that dialogue between form and space and the use of colour, I try to portray the feeling in the communication. 

Do you experiment with different materials a lot or do you prefer to work within 
certain parameters? 
During my studies I became intrigued by how the old masters brought light into a painting by building up the layers of paint, avoiding the dullness of too much over painting and single layering, texturing, of the paint. I started to use a coloured under painting in tempera over which I could paint in oil in an either contrasting colour or dull/strengthen the tone with a similar color. This way I can play with the light and texture, making the image tangible. 

Can you tell me something about your residence in Rijksakademie? 
I did a lot of drawing! It was a life changing experience to find people who speak the same language. I was given time, direction, encouragement and a sense of belonging. I am still on the journey that started there.   

Is there anything else you would like to add? 
Thank you for the invitation to join the Arte da Ardere blog.

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